Johnson Street Historic District

39 Stops

You can begin your tour at parking lot behind First Presbyterian Church (918 N. Main St.) or in the High Point Public Library parking lot.

Head north on Johnson Street, staying on the side closer to Main St.

Press play to hear the audio when you arrive at each stop.

Johnson Place, High Point’s first locally designated historic district, still boasts a remarkably well-preserved collection of early twentieth-century houses. Named after the Johnson family, whose farm was used for the development, the neighborhood covers sixty-eight acres east of North Main Street. The prominent High Point entrepreneur J. Homer Wheeler began development in 1907, and it became widely popular after the city’s streetcar line began service in 1910. Leading High Point lawyers, politicians and industrialists purchased these grand sites in the Johnson Place neighborhood. Johnson Place was briefly the center of High Point society before the suburban community of Emerywood drew captains of industry and finance to its leafy surroundings.

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